Aesthetic gynecological consultation

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Description of the procedure

An aesthetic gynecological consultation is a specialist meeting with a gynecologist aimed at discussing the possibilities of improving the aesthetics and function of women's genital organs. During the consultation, patients can learn more about available treatments, such as labiaplasty, hyaluronic acid fillings, vulvar lifting and other procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.

How it's working?

During the meeting, the doctor conducts a thorough medical interview, assesses the health condition, disease history and possible contraindications to treatments. It is also possible to perform a gynecological examination to assess which treatments will be most appropriate and safe for the patient.


• Improving the aesthetics and symmetry of the genitals
• Increased comfort and self-confidence
• Improving the quality of sexual life
• Treatment of ailments related to excessive size of the labia or sagging after childbirth


• Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the genitals
• Discomfort and pain during physical or sexual activity
• Changes after childbirth, menopause or as a result of aging processes
• Desire to improve the quality of sexual life

Duration of the treatment

The consultation usually lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.


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