Laser therapy for erosions

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Description of the procedure

Laser erosion therapy is a modern, minimally invasive method of treating cervical erosions, which involves the use of a concentrated laser light beam. This procedure allows for precise removal of pathologically changed tissues without the need to use traditional surgical methods. The procedure is painless, effective and allows for rapid tissue regeneration, minimizing the risk of complications and shortening the recovery time.

How it's working?

During a laser therapy treatment, the laser energy is directed directly to the area of ​​erosion, which causes local evaporation of the affected tissues. This process also stimulates the body's natural regenerative mechanisms, which contributes to faster healing and renewal of the cervical epithelium. Thanks to the precise action of the laser, the healthy tissue around the erosion remains intact.


• Effective removal of pathological changes on the cervix
• Reducing the risk of developing pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions
• Minimizing symptoms associated with erosion, such as abnormal bleeding or vaginal discharge
• Improving the quality of sexual life


• Cervical erosions requiring intervention
• Pre-cancerous lesions on the cervix (CIN)
• Some cases of HPV viral infections
• Patients looking for a quick and effective treatment method with minimal risk of complications

Duration of the treatment

The procedure usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the size and severity of the changes, one session may be sufficient.


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