Laser removal of skin lesions

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Description of the procedure

Laser removal of skin lesions is a modern and effective method for getting rid of various types of unsightly or undesirable lesions, such as birthmarks, warts, age spots or hemangiomas. The procedure is safe and precise, which allows for accurate removal of the lesion without damaging the surrounding skin.

How it's working?

The laser emits a beam of light that is selectively absorbed by pigments in the skin lesion or blood vessels. The laser energy is converted into heat that destroys unwanted cells while leaving healthy tissue intact.


• Removal of pigmented and vascular lesions
• Evening out the skin tone
• Reducing the visibility of scars
• Improved skin texture and appearance


• Birthmarks, warts, age spots
• Hemangiomas, dilated blood vessels
• Scars, including acne scars
• Some types of tattoos


• Face: Perfect for removing moles, pigmentation spots and scars.
• Legs: Effective in removing dilated blood vessels and hemangiomas.
• Neckline: Helps reduce age spots and uneven skin tone.
• Abdomen: Removes scars, including stretch marks and post-operative scars.

Duration of the treatment

Depends on the size and type of change; typically 15-30 minutes per area.


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