Laser removal of skin lesions in intimate areas

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Description of the procedure

Laser removal of skin lesions in intimate areas is a safe, effective method of getting rid of unsightly or undesirable lesions such as warts, pigmentation lesions, scars or other skin irregularities. Using precise laser energy, the treatment allows for targeted tissue treatment, minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding healthy skin and ensuring rapid regeneration.

How it's working?

The laser emits a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment of the skin lesion or by the blood vessels supplying blood to the lesion, causing it to whiten or disappear. The high precision of the laser allows for accurate removal of lesions without affecting adjacent tissues, which is especially important in delicate and sensitive intimate areas.


• Removal or significant reduction in the visibility of skin lesions
• Improving the aesthetics and texture of the skin in intimate areas
• Reduction of discomfort and risk of complications related to the presence of lesions


• Genital warts and other viral lesions
• Pigmentation changes and discoloration
• Scars, including post-operative and post-traumatic scars
• Epidermal changes and other unsightly skin irregularities

Duration of the treatment

The length of the procedure depends on the size and type of the lesion being removed, but it usually lasts from several minutes to about an hour. For larger or more numerous lesions, more than one session may be needed.


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